When buying a diamond, please consider…

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The sparkle of diamond, no matter the clarity, color, or cutting, casts an enigmatic spell that complicates diamond buying. Haunted by the allure of seeking perfection and the lure of finding treasure, many get caught in the tension between what, and at what price?  The battle of best and bargain often obscures common sense.

A safe approach to buying a diamond is to focus on the realistic goal of paying a competitive price for a vetted GIA certified diamond with after sale accountability. A Jeweler who is in that business is in the best position to perform the function of pre-sale advise,  vetting of certifications and after-sales services.  The small profit earned to watch out for your interest before and after the sale, seems a insurance premium for peace of mind for this significant purchase.  Big diamond margins in this competitive environment are myth.

Finding a qualified jeweler and establishing a competitive price both require comparison shopping, which also provides a perfect time discover what is affordable by gathering a general idea of price ranges while narrowing your focus on shape, size, clarity and color, a necessary step in order to avoid comparing apples to oranges.  My post  Jeweler Shopping  goes in depth.  Finally, please consider my Jeweler services and working with me on your diamond and jewelry purchases.

My pre-sale advise comes from years learning how diamond properties will play into your every day experience with your diamond, not to mention understanding the return on investment ins and outs you will need if you decide to sell or upgrade your diamond.  My philosophy is practical. I want to help you spend money on what you look at everyday- not what you may never look at again- if size floats your boat, why spend money on excessive clarity or whiteness?  It is important for you to see diamonds in a range of sizes and qualities, your comparison shopping pays off here.  After we pin down with you, how big, how white, how few inclusions, what cutting;  I will sift through certificates of candidate diamonds and select the best options. Next it is time to verify these diamond.

Vetting a diamond and it’s  GIA certification to determine if both the cert and the diamond are worthy of purchase starts by my examining  the diamond as if I were grading it myself.  I then carefully go over the certification and see if I agree with the GIA’s findings to determine if the diamond is well represented by the certification, if it passes, we  will discuss a purchase.

For inquiries please use the contact page.   any information you can share with me will allow me to help you find the right diamond.  Of course, diamonds will need to be evaluated by you, fortunately GIA certifications clarify much.  In the trade diamonds are purchased based on them routinely. Money and the diamonds will need to be exchanged.  Brokerage is available and credit cards offer recourse. Working across the country offers challenges, I bring all so you know I understand  and will work hard addressed your concerns, so please bring them up. My goal is to tailor our transaction in such a way as to make your acquisition of a diamond simpatico.


Mirny diamond mine of Siberia


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