When selling a diamond, please consider…

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The Secondary Diamond Market recycle your Diamond . Clearly you will likely receive more  money if you can sell it to an end user rather than a reseller.  The security and logistical issues surrounding accomplishing the goal deter many.

Auction houses are a good option for very important items, however, they are not particularly interested in lesser items and most often not a best option for selling them. Auction Houses pay a small commission to a jeweler who brings them a client from their proceeds of the sale, so having an advocate who knows those ropes  in your corner is free, and can be invaluable.

Trading  can be an excellent option.    Don’t risk working with just the vendor you bought the diamond from.  Most jewelers welcome this type of business. Comparison shopping can assure you of making a good trade.

Consignment should offer higher returns because you will be allowing a reseller time to find a buyer without an outlay of capital. The sales commission should be smaller. Again, Comparison shopping can assure you of making a good deal.

Asking a reseller to buy your diamond today amounts to a Fire Sale.  Prepare for offers deeply discounted  from your diamonds insurance appraisal value that has been the basis of your insurance premiums over the years. Comparative bids are critical to receiving all you can.  Having the GIA certify your bigger better diamonds will be to your advantage.  It is important to know that there are good reasons for the deep discounts. The risks to these buyers are significant.

If you have a diamond that you would like to sell, consign or trade, I am happy to work with you on any of the options discussed above, from simple advise, to an outright purchase. Please use the contact page and I will be in touch promptly.


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