Diamond Cushion- 4.06 carat

There is Art in a Diamond Deal!  This Big Brilliant Cushion Cut faces up white and clean.  Diamond are priced to a great extent by grade.    All diamonds graded J color do not look at all the same. A diamond with a color grade J can be closer to I in color, or closer to K in color. The same idea is true of clarity.  Certificate grades are bestowed by Gemological Institute of America graders who do everything in there power to make objective determinations. Let me just say it is not as easy as it sound. Understanding such nuance makes the difference between a great value and not.   This diamond offers great value.4ctcushionface175r1200pw

4ct cushion sideb175r1200pw

Link to GIA report        5172471803

Diamond Cushion- 4.06 carat

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